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    Yes, the top, left, right, and bottom properties are not relevant for elements with a static position in CSS. When an element is positioned as static, these properties have no effect.

    If someone still uses the top, left, right, or bottom properties with a static position element, the browser will simply ignore these properties. The element will be positioned according to the normal document flow, as if these properties were not specified at all.

    Here’s a simple demonstration:

    <style> .static-element {<br />position: static; /* This is the default and can be omitted */<br />top: 20px;<br />left: 20px;<br />width: 100px;<br />height: 100px;<br />background-color: lightblue;<br />}<br /></style> <div class="static-element">This is a static element.</div>

    static position in css

    In this example, even though top and left are set to 20px, the element will not be moved from its normal position in the document flow because its position is static.

    static versus relative position in CSS

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