‘Am I AI-ready?’: Bertelsmann Mounts Innovative Campaign to Promote 50,000 ‘Tech & Data’ Scholarships

Bertelsmann tech scholarship through Udacity

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Source: Bertelsmann on Linkedin

  • International campaign aims to inspire people to use artificial intelligence
  • Media campaign includes TV spots, print and online ads, social ads, and a dedicated landing page
  • Bertelsmann will award 50,000 scholarships over three years for online Tech & Data studies at Udacity
  • Thomas Rabe as ambassador for using AI with a focus on opportunities
  • More than 200 million people reached to date

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“Am I AI-ready?” is the central question of a new, global media campaign Bertelsmann is launching today to draw attention to the wide-ranging opportunities and possibilities opened up by artificial intelligence. The campaign focuses on a question that many people are currently asking themselves: Do they feel ready to work with artificial intelligence? Bertelsmann CEO Thomas Rabe provides a response in the TV commercial: “We will make you fit for AI!” He combines this promise with an invitation to apply for a worldwide Bertelsmann scholarship program that will allow learners to continue their education, especially while continuing to work at their regular jobs. Over a period of three years – from 2022 to 2024 – the international media, services, and education company will award a total of 50,000 scholarships for online Tech & Data courses at Udacity. Applications for the scholarship initiative are open until November 30.

Comments Rabe: “Artificial intelligence will be formative for our future. At all levels, immense opportunities are opening up, enabling us to simplify and become more efficient in our professional and personal lives. We want to take advantage of this opportunity – because we know that AI holds enormous potential for innovation, increased efficiency, and product improvements across all businesses. In addition to the scholarships we provide to our employees, we are assuming social responsibility by once again giving many other interested parties a chance to acquire important digital skills.”

The new media campaign highlights the great opportunities that using artificial intelligence opens up for companies, society, and each and every one of us/individual. Through November 5, RTL, Vox, and NTV are airing TV spots featuring Thomas Rabe as an ambassador for AI use focusing on its opportunities. In addition, there will be print ads in major German and international daily newspapers, as well as in leading magazines and trade journals, ads in selected online media, posts on all the major social networks, and a dedicated landing page on the Bertelsmann website with further information.

Karin Schlautmann, Executive Vice President Corporate Communications at Bertelsmann, explains: “With this international media campaign, Bertelsmann wants to get people all over the world excited about new technologies in general, and this time about the use of artificial intelligence in particular. In recent years, we have succeeded in doing this with various technological focuses. We reached 120 million people with our campaigns from 2019 to 2021, and another 90 million last year alone. I am delighted that our message is getting through and that Bertelsmann is perceived as a driver of a digital future in which technology is seen as an opportunity. This approach is reflected in the modern concept of the current campaign, which relies on fascinating technology and impressive lighting effects in international locations.”

The image campaign “Am I AI-ready?” was developed by Bertelsmann Corporate Communications in cooperation with Territory, a Group subsidiary. The Udacity online courses offered this year focus on “AI Programming with Python,” “Enterprise Security,” and “Agile Software Development”; the first two courses require basic prior knowledge. Bertelsmann and Udacity are offering 500 graduates of the qualification courses the opportunity to deepen their skills in the certificate course, work on real-life projects, and earn a “Nanodegree,” which is recognized throughout the industry.

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Bertelsmann and Udacity Scholarships

Source: Udacity Community

Next Generation Tech Booster

#50000scholarships powered by Bertelsmann.

Bertelsmann and Udacity are partnering to award learners with scholarships. Learn valuable skills to open new career opportunities in the lucrative fields of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, or project management.

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Program Details

Agile Software Developer

Learn best practices for using an Agile framework to build better products faster and more efficiently.

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AI Programming with Python

Learn Python, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, PyTorch, and Linear Algebra—the foundations for building your own neural network.

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Enterprise Security

The Enterprise Security Nanodegree program imparts foundational skills in security engineering for corporate environments. Covering network and data security, endpoint protection, and application security, you will learn to design robust defenses, manage data integrity, and comply with privacy regulations, which will enhance the security posture of any enterprise.

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Scholarship Timeline

  1. Monday, October 23, 2023 Next Generation Tech Booster applications open on Udacity’s website
  2. Thursday, November 30, 2023 Last day to submit applications to earn scholarship access on Udacity
  3. Monday, December 11, 2023 Scholarship recipients notified of their admission to the program
  4. Friday, December 15, 2023 Phase 1 Challenge start date
  5. Thursday, February 15, 2024 Phase 1 Challenge end date
  6. Friday, March 8, 2024 Phase 2 Nanodegree start date
  7. Monday, July 15, 2024 Phase 2 Nanodegree end date

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