Enabling algo trading on your website using Zerodha Kite Connect possible?

Zerodha Site Connect Algo Trading Development

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Kite Connect: This is Zerodha’s API for developers to build investment and trading platforms using Zerodha’s features.

Next Steps after Registering with Zerodha Site Connect and Getting an API Key

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You’ve completed the initial step of registering your application with Zerodha Site Connect and obtained an API key. Now, let’s explore what next when it comes to adding trading functionalities into your website.

Important Note:

  • Zerodha doesn’t allow fully automated trading for retail investors. You can use their API to generate buy/sell signals based on your algorithms, but manual intervention is required to confirm and execute the trades.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to proceed:

1. Choose your Development Approach:

There are two main approaches to integrate Zerodha Kite Connect with your website:

  • Coding with Kite Connect Python Library: This method requires knowledge of Python and the Kite Connect library. You’ll write code to interact with the API, receive market data, generate trading signals based on your algorithms, and display them on your website.
  • Streak by Zerodha: Zerodha offers a visual algo trading platform called Streak. It allows creating algos using a drag-and-drop interface with pre-built technical indicators and backtesting capabilities. You can integrate Streak with your website using their provided APIs.

2. Learn and Develop:

Based on your chosen approach:

  • Coding with Kite Connect: Explore the Kite Connect documentation (https://kite.trade/docs/connect/v3/) to understand available functionalities and code examples.
  • Streak by Zerodha: Utilize Streak’s resources (https://www.streak.tech/home) to learn about algo creation, backtesting, and website integration using their APIs.

3. Security Considerations:

  • Never share your API key publicly. It grants access to your Zerodha account and can be misused for unauthorized trading.
  • Implement secure communication protocols (HTTPS) on your website when handling sensitive data like API keys and financial information.

4. Testing and Deployment:

  • Once you’ve developed the integration, thoroughly test it in a development environment before deploying it live on your website.
  • Start with paper trading (simulated trading) to ensure your algorithms function as expected without risking real capital.

Additional Resources:

Remember, integrating trading functionalities such as algo trading requires technical knowledge and understanding of financial markets and legal guidelines. It’s recommended to proceed cautiously and consider if indeed allowed by the regulators and your risk tolerance before deploying such functionalities on a live website.

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Since currently we do not have a Zerodha account, we signed up for their Publisher that has no API access. Only HTML/Javascripts buttons and baskets.

Here is a SBI Buy button created within minutes after following this documentation: https://kite.trade/docs/connect/v3/publisher/

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