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      Facing hurdle in understanding the correct code for line 12:

      long amex = checkifamex(long y);

      I guess instead of long y as argument, there might be reference to function enterccno. Help regarding the correct syntax appreciated.

      #include <stdio.h>
      #include <cs50.h>
      long enterccno (void);//long type as 14-digit credit card will not fit into the memory as int type
      long checkifamex (long enterccno);
      int main(void)
          long y = enterccno();
          printf("credit card no. entered is %ld",y);
          long amex = checkifamex(long y);
          printf("entered amex is %ld",amex);
      long enterccno (void) //It will take void as argument as the function will not initially take any particular long value as input to begin with.
          long x = get_long("enter creditcardno");//get_long function by cs50.h leveraged to accept input of creditcard no. from user.
          return x;//stored x value or entered creditcardno transferred inside the main function when entercccno function called.
      long checkifamex (long y)
          long x = y;
          return x;


      The correct syntax on line 12 should be:

      long amex = checkifamex(y);


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