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      Suppose I want a user to enter an integer between 1 and 8.

      To start with, here is the program that uses scanf to accept integer from user.

      #include <stdio.h> 
      #include <cs50.h> 
      int main (void) 
      int number; 
      printf ("enter a number "); 
      scanf ("%i", &number); 
      printf ("the number entered is %i", number);

      Gradually, I am to let the user enter integer between 1 and 8. If anything else is entered, the cursor will wait till the user enters integer between 1 and 8 (Mario World 1-1). The Hints apparenty prescribes to use get_int.

      My query is if a similar objective cannot be by scanf. What is the difference between scanf and get_int? Is get_int better, more powerful?



    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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