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    How both GET AND POST method supported simultaneously? On the first look, aren’t GET and POST appear mutually exclusive?


    Although GET and POST methods are often thought of as mutually exclusive, they can actually be used simultaneously within the same form submission. Here’s how:

    1. GET Method: Typically used for retrieving data from the server. When you use a GET request, the data is appended to the URL as query parameters. This makes it visible in the URL bar and can be bookmarked, which is useful for sharing or saving links.
    2. POST Method: Usually used for submitting data to the server. With POST, the data is sent in the body of the HTTP request, making it more secure than GET, especially for sensitive information like passwords.

    Now, for simultaneous support:

    • In HTML forms, you can specify the method attribute to be either “GET” or “POST”. If no method is specified, the default method is “GET”. However, you can indeed specify the method as “GET” and still include input fields with name-value pairs. When the form is submitted, the data from these input fields will be sent as query parameters in the URL (like a GET request), but they will also be sent in the body of the request (like a POST request).

    So, while they are conceptually different, they can be used together in certain scenarios, depending on your needs for data transmission and security.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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