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    How to create table structure for froshims.db?
    byu/DigitalSplendid inlearnSQL


    When you run the sqlite3 command without specifying a database file, it opens a new session where you can create and manipulate databases. In your case, you’ve created a table named registrants, but it’s not associated with any specific database file yet.

    To create a table within the froshims.db file, you need to specify the database file when you invoke sqlite3. Here’s how you can do it:


    $ sqlite3 froshims.db

    This command will open the SQLite prompt with froshims.db as the active database. Then, you can proceed to create your table:

    CREATE TABLE registrants (
    name TEXT NOT NULL,
    sport TEXT NOT NULL

    After creating the table, you can verify it using the .schema command as you did before. This ensures that the table is indeed created within the froshims.db file.

    If there are multiple .db files in your directory, it’s always a good practice to explicitly specify the database file when opening sqlite3 to avoid any confusion about which database you’re working with.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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