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      In Caesar project, argv[1] is a string type array that will hold key (integer value) entered by the user. Suppose the user enters 28 as key. Then:

      argv[1][0] = 2

      argv[1][1] = 8

      argv[1][2] = ‘\0’

      There was a need to convert string to integer type for argv[1][ ].

      In Substitution project, argv[1] is an array of string type that will hold 26 alphabetical characters.

      argv[1][0] = first character entered by the user

      argv[1][1] = second character entered by the user


      argv[1][25] = 26th character entered by the user

      argv[1][26] = ‘\0’

      There might not be a need to convert argv[1][ ] to integer type in case it is decided to replace string characters (entered as plaintext) by matching string characters through index of argv[1][ ].

      Just confirming if I am correct?


      There is definitely not a need to convert it to an integer, because it is explicitly not an integer. Converting “zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba” to an integer doesn’t make any logical sense.

      Are you talking about making a new array where you get the numeric ASCII value for each character of the key entered by the user? If so, I don’t think that’s really necessary.[learn_press_profile]

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